Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Bought a Piece of Pizza

Today was Sunday. Sunday is a day to rest, go to church and think.

I usually end up thinking about all the things I do wrong.  Feel guilty. Repent of my dastardly ways. You know the drill.

But sometimes you can think about the things you do right. And that's okay, too.

See - I bought a homeless man a piece of pizza.

I was walking around, window shopping and the like, and there he was, asking for money for food. 

Now - this is one of those "life things" I have a real hard time with. People who ask for money. I don't know if it's politically correct to label these people "homeless" or "beggars" or something like that. I just don't feel entirely comfortable with it. Not all of them are homeless, or need to beg. 
And that's just the problem.

It's problematic because many of them ARE homeless and DO need to beg.  But  what are they really using the money for? Many of these people use it for booze and drugs. But some don't. Many actually need food.  And some of them have dogs, and they need food for their dogs, too!

I just never, never know.

And usually, when I walk by someone with a cardboard sign that reads something about needing help and "God Bless" I just put my eyes to the ground and justify my way by them with something like "Sorry I don't carry cash" (which is actually often the case) or with no words at all.  

But this time, the man was actually asking for money for food.

I figured, if he's going to buy food with the money (or so he says) why not just buy him food?

So I went to the closest food place - a pizza joint - and bought a large slice of deliciously cheesy pizza.

I did this at the end of my day of shopping (I saw him just an hour and a half earlier) because while I was shopping I couldn't get his face out of my mind. He had a bright face. Bright eyes.  I think I saw his spirit, a little, and it was good.

But for the life of me, all day, there seemed to be nary but a Starbucks in sight. 
Until I found the pizza place.

So I walked back to this bright-spirited man and said "Sir, did you need some food?" And he looked right at me and said "Yes!" and then I handed him the warm, yummy pizza and said, "Here you are. Have a wonderful day!" And I walked away, with just one more glance to see him lift the box and reach in.

Now - previous events of this day left me in a less-than-Christ-like state. Unfortunately.  And I had to go meet my ride, so I was in a bit of a hurry. Had I had more time, I think I would have liked to sit and talk with this man while we ate. Maybe I would have bought an entire pizza to share with him. Who knows.

But I felt good afterward, and I think the pizza must have made him feel good, too.  I can only assume, of course, but I do know that pizza always makes me feel good.

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