Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holistic Healing?

Hmm...Maybe not so much.

But close!

See - for years I've been into the idea of "natural" hygiene products. I don't mean that I'll go so far as to spend oodles of money on some sort of snake-oil. However, I have been known to smear bananas all over my face (a natural softening agent!!) or tomatoes all  over my face (their acidity and antioxidants restore something or other) or use cranberry juice as a natural astringent, and egg yolks as a moose-like curl booster.

Yes, I've made myself oatmeal masks, and stood over a pot of boiling water to open and cleanse the pores.

Go ahead - ask me. I know you're dying to know. Did any of that work, right?


But did I feel cool doing it?

You betcha.

But let's not be pretentious, here. No matter how good it felt to be using fruits and vegetables in place of chemicals, and no matter how much it made me feel like a do-gooding flower child, I only did them once or twice. Why? Well, because I didn't feel they worked any better than my large pump bottle of Costco Cetaphil.

But the other day I bought a "Family Circle" magazine because it advertised some really great slow-cooker recipes. And let me tell ya - they're really great. But another article in the magazine talked about some quick and easy beauty enhancers and you may as well cue the gospel choir now, because I found one that worked!!!


Hooray for my feel-good picture of honey!

That's right, folks, honey. It's a natural moisturizer and it's naturally antimicrobial. I'm assuming that means it really doesn't like microbes.

Anyway - just mix a pea-sized dollop of honey with your regular moisturizer (I do this on the top of my hand because it's less absorbent than the bottom part of the hand) and then you spread it all around your face like normal.


It actually feels like I've got moisture in my skin, and my face is supple and radiant (and if you're not careful, a little sticky) and did I mention that I LOVE IT?

Go ahead - be skeptical. But I dare you try it.

You'll like it, too.

And your face will smell really good.

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  1. Honey is also great for boosting your immunities to pollen in your area if you eat honey from your area. I'm not totally sure of how this works but it makes sense to me! Like I'm from St. Pete and I'll try to find honey from the Tampa Bay area.