Saturday, September 4, 2010


I frustrate myself with the number of ideas I produce in any given day. 
Over the last week, here are some of the things I've decided I must do:

Choose a career path in film - as a producer or director
Write a broadway show (I have a great idea. But it shant be stolen, so I won't speak of it.)
Expand my photography "career"
Begin teaching photoshop classes as part of said "photography career"
Try my hand with real estate investing; get pre approved for buying a duplex, buy one and rent it out
Get a masters degree in marriage and family therapy
Begin a flea market in the Utah Valley area
Start my own "Bridal Fair" like event like those that run rampant around here, but instead it's a "Wedding Photographer's Fair," for all the local photographers
Host and run a 24 hour film festival
Practice for voice lessons more often so I, too, can be a concert vocalist and broadway star like Brian Stokes Mitchell
Open a luxury dog "hotel" and "day spa"

There are more, of course. Those are just some of the most outstanding.
Any of them seem promising to you?

1 comment:

  1. Um, yeah - these are great ideas. One of my goals this year is to keep a list of all my business ideas. I'm planning on starting a wedding announcement business with my father-in-law soon. Let's chat soon about how we could be mutually beneficial to each other. :)

    P.S. That last sentence could be redundant.