Sunday, October 26, 2008

so you say it's your birthday

For the first time in years i forgot to write in my journal. Actually, forgetting to write in my journal is nothing unusual at all! But I always always always take my last opportunity as a 15 year old, 16 year old, 17 year old but not 18 year old to write in my journal and jot down a few quick thoughts about what i am feeling and how I feel about my life and my situation.

Oh well.

Life is always fabulous and my situation is always in a mild state of obscurity and upset. Same ol' same ol'....

But I've really come to appreciate, over the past little while, the richness of life. There is so much to drink in every day, and i've come to know that if i'm really having an off day, it's manifest by the fact that i do not enjoy my walk home. It's long, yeah, but i LOVE my walk home. I love walking across the grass, crunching the leaves. I LOVE the color yellow and that it saturates everything I see. I love the air in the fall so much. It seems to me that the air in the fall is very much like the air around 1:00 in the morning during the summers. It's chilly, yet invigorating, and people go nuts! At that time of the morning during summers, or in the fall, everyone seems to be running on adrenaline - exhausted by the day (or the continuous weeks) - and yet there's this ignorant grin on everyone's faces. Still so happy, yet so strangely and temporarily misaligned.

There is always something in the air. Right now? Anticipation.

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  1. I'm glad it's your birthday.
    Happy birthday To You.

    and ps who wrote that nutty watercolor painting over to the left of your blog.