Saturday, October 18, 2008

i'm just sayin'

So - i was on the infamous facebook today, you know - that terribly addictive force that seems to have a physical binding pressure in people's lives. No one sends out paper invitations with R.S.V.P's anymore - (an RSV-WHAT!?) no,'s all on facebook "Events" and "groups." Fine. I can deal with that.

What i wonder about are the status updates. You've got people who really wear their emotions on their sleeve and every 10 minutes or so, So-and-so is feeling low, so-and-so is so glad whatever just happened, so-and-so really needs a hug, so-and-so wants to scream. But for the most part, people don't like so-and-so's all too frequent and honest status updates. Most people try to put something witty, something fresh, something fun.

But what if we all really put our "stati" as they really are. What if it actually said "Lizzy Dabczynski is wondering if that boy in the library will stop humming because if he doesn't, she may just go MAD!" or "Lizzy Dabczynski thinks So-And-So needs to grow a backbone, stop complaining and get over their bad-selves" or "Lizzy Dabczynski thinks people need to learn how to communicate properly and learn the age-old art of compliments and flattery when in the game of wooing."
If people put their REAL status' on facebook, i think there just might be a valid forecast of world peace in the near future.

I'm just sayin....

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  1. I'm writing an essay about facebook statuses. Or including them, anyway.