Monday, October 27, 2008

The Magnificence of Man

I read a talk today by Elder Russel M. Nelson. He's pretty much the man.

"God has made it plain over and over again that the world was made for mankind. We are here to work out our divine destiny, according to an eternal plan that was presented to us in the great council of heaven. Our bodies have been created to accommodate our spirits, to allow us to experience the challenges of mortality and continue our eternal progression."

Thought #1:
See first italics.
I know that God created this world for me, for us and for everyone and everything in it. Every single day of my life, God blesses me and my senses with this world and everything in it, and for that i am most grateful.

Thought #2:
See second italics.
I think that a challenge of mortality for me is that my body wasn't made to accommodate my spirit at all! It's too tired, mostly, too restless, too constricting, and too lots of other things sometimes (most times) for my spirit to be content. I think that's why i feel somewhat anxious on a daily basis.
But it's okay. I'm willing to face that challenge.


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