Monday, February 25, 2008

The Story:

So once upon a time there was a girl and it was me and i was running fast in the woods like unto Pocahontas and it was free and wonderful and great!! I was flying fast and free, doin' my thang, as it were. Life was easy, life was challenging, life was GOOD! Fly away girl, just fly away!!

Then all of a sudden and out of the blue, a bear popped out from behind a tree. "Growl!" it said with a playful look in it's eye. I was frightened at first, and i said "Hey..BEAR! Don't you look at me that way!" After that, the bear and i established a great friendship and the bear ran with me thru the woods. We ran, frolic and romp! Frolic and romp!

Soon we found ourselves hiking up a beautiful mountain with trees, flowers, water and many a tall' forest grass. The exercise was fulfilling and the scenery was illuminating, but I was lost in the vegetation!! very lost when

I fell of a cliff.

I just kept falling and falling. The wind was rushing thru my hair and past my face. It was so cold and unfortunately, there was nothing to catch me. I couldn't pull a Road-Runner and just walk on the air. I couldn't pull an Indiana Jones and reach out to grab any one of the convenient trees growing out of the side of a rock cliff. I just fell through the air.

Eventually I began to realize that falling in the air is very much like flying.


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