Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

There is so much to say!

I was sitting in church today and i thought to myself "this is a blog day!"

I'm happy, i feel good. Life is fantastic.
As opposed to my first blog here, i am feeling so much better! I don't want to run away. Granted, i feel very anxious much of the time, thinking about all the places there are to see and all that there is to do. There is much to do in life, and i definitely intend to do it all. Good thing i'm going to live to be 100!!

However, for now, i'm where I should be. I'm with people who love me. I'm learning. I'm having fun!

Everything is illuminated.

I took off my high heels and ran home from church with Lizi. The sun is out! We spun outside, barefoot, with skirts flowing. And i must admit that though i don't usually think of myself as an "attractive" person, it's those times, and usually only those times, when i feel truly beautiful. Who wouldn't be, laughing and twirling in the sun!?

Music is life. I love it. It fills me up.

Spontaneity is life. I love it. It makes me laugh.

Service is life. I love it. I want to do so much more lately. I think i'm going to find an outlet.

People are life. I love them! And i've realized that i've been far to self-centered lately. The difference between me in September, me in December/January, and me now is that i started with my head on straight, it got knocked out of place for a little while, and now i'm fixing it up again. I had priorities, i lost them, and i'm gaining them back! It was about goals, and getting to know people and loving others. Then it got to be about surviving, doing what I need to do, and (regrettably) allowing all other thoughts to wander away. Now i've realized that change! I need to make a change for the better. I'm not actively thinking. Everything is so passive. It's going to change! I'm not being attentive to my spiritual welfare and that's going to change too! I'm excited for what's ahead.

But mostly i'm excited for the nap i'm going to take today.
Tee hee. :)

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