Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Was a much better day.

First, I must express my come-to-Jesus moment about my job. I was frustrated, yesterday, I'll admit. And when I posted I suppose I wasn't in my most right mind. I think I was caught up in the *joy* of coming to work first thing in the morning, to find endless papers and many, many pieces of the metaphorical puzzle that need putting-together, some of which I had already put together, some of which still remained, and some of which were new. My job is stressful, I won't deny that. But I think I need to stop and be grateful that I have a job and that I have bosses that are a) neat people and b) detail oriented. It sets a good example. It's not the end of the world. And I'm sorry if I frightened anyone with my frustrated-natured post.


In more happy news, I signed up for a VOICE OVER CLASS. 


A two hour block of JOY where we learn about radio, tv and animated feature VOICE OVERS. We talked about the 5 main things to consider - placement, gate, dialect, attitude and pitch. We briefly covered pace, texture and rhythm. IS THIS NOT THE BEST CLASS FOR ME?!  Like - EVER?! Seeing as I've done voices my whole live (Bonny, Sprout, Svetlana, The Ghost of Christmas Future, etc. etc. what have you) I'm in heaven with it and I can't wait to continue.

Also, I bought this book:

I'm SO looking forward to reading it. You have no idea. From what I've read so far, it's relatable, understandable, and totally mind-blowing. I'm a big dog person in a big, big way.

Also, Spencer and I are probably going to hopefully maybe look at buying this house:

It looks (and probably is) "just a house." It's not too amazing, or unique. But it's a great house with some great features. And it has a rentable apartment. And it's got its own laundry. And no bass-pumping upstairs neighbors. And covered parking. And a yard with fruit trees. And two bedrooms. And a linen closet. And a dishwasher. And a garbage disposal. I'm still trying to psyche myself out about the commute which will change from 5 minutes to about 15... But it looking out to be a pretty wonderful prospect.

Tuesday, everybody. 

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  1. plus you will close to our families! wahoo! oh, and cool about your class.