Saturday, January 30, 2010

Justin Hackworth

We made it onto Justin Hackworth's blog. Right on. I guess that's what you get for doing a photo session with him.

I don't think i look great in all the pictures. At least the ones he posted - we'll see what else he's got tomorrow when we go take a visit.

He's great!

Here's what I felt like I got from the experience of working with him:
*Photography Insight
*A Potentially Beneficial Relationship
*QUALITY treatment (I mean, seriously guys - water bottles with each visit!)
*Enthusiasm! I want to take pictures. I want to intern with him. I want to pursue this - the way Justin does it makes me believe it's possible!!

If only I wasn't in school. Perhaps I should start a countdown. Let me go check:

Got it! The 22nd of April, 2011. That's SO almost just a year away.

An exact 445 days to be exact!

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  1. That photo is beautiful... And you've got a lot less to go with school than I do.. Soldier on!!

    Nice blog,