Saturday, November 8, 2008

my mouth is hungry, my chest is empty

I love how disoriented everything feels at 2:45 in the morning. And by love, i really do mean love. I think it's fascinating what seemingly silly, useless feelings and bits of information that would otherwise seem insignificant take their place as the leading-lady of the wee hours of the morning.

My brain? Well, in it is a culmination of songs, movie quotes and clips, and honestly - my life flashing before my eyes. And its at times like this when i most wish i could steal away into the deep confines of the HFAC. Just me, a piano, ...and a hundred other insane musicians...playin my heart out. Because what's in it? Music. Always music. Yet i can never really seem to tap into what is written there, and no matter how many times i try to get it out in just the right way, something about what's inside of me changes or i simply remain malcontent. Isn't that always the way? How glorious will be the day when what we feel all pent up inside can be expressed in just the way we'd like it.

But the lyrics to it all? What is my own, i find elementary. So sad.


  1. Exactly! I have such a harder time expressing what I'm feeling with words than with music. Unfortunately I'm not all that expressive with music either, so I need to look to someone else's music.

    This is why I can't write lyrics to the songs I come up with - they never feel like they exactly match what I'm feeling. This is also why you'll notice it takes me so long to speak sometimes, because I'm trying to choose my words (a little too) carefully. Oh well :)

  2. I feel ya hear. Music is my portal to expression. It's only way i can get my true feelings across. I'm with Bobby, can I please hear some of your music? PRETTY PLLLEEEEEEAASE!!! :)

    k love you love me