Sunday, August 1, 2010

Days 32 & 33: Please please me? OH YEAH!

Yesterday was epic.
And by "epic," I mean, "life changing."
And by "life changing," I mean, "an absolute dream come true."

A) We successfully woke up around 5:30 and got ourselves on the correct train that left at 6:50 and took us to Liverpool.

B) Did I mention we went to LIVERPOOL!?!?

(Lucky for me you can't tell that, in this picture, I have soiled my pants in excitement. Ha! Kidding! ....Or am I?)

C) We literally "rolled up for the mystery tour" and saw the childhood homes of the fab four, the Cavern, Penny Lane (including the barbershop, the structure in the roundabout, the bank, etc.) and Strawberry fields. I nearly cried. And it was totally justified because they were playing "In My Life" when we pulled up to the McCartney home and, well, it was freakin' poetic. 


Also we're 98% sure we saw Mike McCartney at the McCartney home. Yes, we have proof.

D) When surrounded by scads of Beatles memorabilia, one can easily go INSANE with the souvenir selection. I, however, was prudent enough to control myself into purchasing only one bag, four pins, one deck of cards and a kitchen magnet.

E) We successfully got ourselves on the correct train to London and met our host in East Grinstead. Tah Dah!!

Today was nice.

Unfortunately, we had another craptastically early wake-up-time, but it was okay because we had to get to church, and that makes it all right. We spent the afternoon in the British Museum and the evening at an organ recital in Westminster Abbey and, though I appreciate all the famous dead people who are at the abbey, I will take my free admission concert and consider the abbey "seen" WITHOUT the 15 pound entrance fee, thankyouverymuch, and feel satisfied with the dead-person-appreciation I had this afternoon in the "Ancient Egyptian: Mummies" exhibit at the museum.

We also walked all about to gape at neat London-ey things, at at a "Pret a Manger," a name which still makes no sense to me, and ate soft serve ice cream with chocolate flake bar.

Then dinner. And talking. And now bed which is MUCH needed.


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  1. This is SOOOOOO cool! I think you're officially a "day tripper" now! Enjoy the rest of your trip!