Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello, My Name Is:

Hello, my name is "House." And Lizzy recently moved into me. I was built around 1900, so I am very old. A lawyer (or doctor? Lizzy can't remember) built me then, after he moved here from New York. Polygamy may or may not have been a factor in his moving to Utah.

Incidentally, Lizzy's window is in the bottom right corner. The apartment is a perfect, one-bedroom apartment with very high ceilings (I'm talkin' 12-14 feet!) and a lack of electrical outlets in the front room. That small jut-out part of me (House) on the right is an addition in which is a laundry room, and Lizzy's bedroom.

Speaking of Lizzy's bedroom - it's rather fabulous. You enter through a door off the kitchen, and you must step down to enter! Neat!

Lizzy's bedroom fits a queen sized bed, a desk from IKEA, and will soon have a dresser as well. But for now, her favorite part are these fantastic curtains she got for $8 at DI. They hang over the closet (there are no doors.) But, they're wonderful, really.

The kitchen, in so many words, is GINORMOUS, with plenty of cupboard and storage space. Pleasantly, the cupboards are a bluish-green color (that I'm sure was chosen somewhere around 1948 and has simply been matched and maintained since then...)

The bathroom is under the stairs. Parts of it are very updated. Parts of it are not (thank goodness! They're so charming.) One of these parts is the claw-foot bathtub, once blue (to match the light blue floor and once-blue walls) but now painted white.

It's gorgeous!

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to the cozy front room, complete with original fireplace. I love this original piece! Think how many people have looked at, touched, scraped against and warmed up by this fireplace (complete with stove outlet - as shown above!) Unfortunately, the chimney, now, is a means of travel for the gas pipes and such, and the actual fireplace itself is somewhat of an eyesore - but the original bricks are, indeed, a treasure.

Another treasure is the steal of a deal Lizzy and Spencer got on furniture! A couch, matching chair, 4 pillows, coffee table and side table - unused, unworn and BEAUTIFUL for only $550! Seeing as a new IKEA couch on it's own is $299 to begin with - i'd say they lucked out. It's so cheerful, sturdy and comfortable! Hooray!!

That's about it, folks! It was nice to meet you!
Do come visit!


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  1. Oh Lizzy. It's perfect. It's so beautiful. Aaaaaa.