Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Mr. Ostensen in my 10th grade english class is quoted to have said (in relation to stories having a moral..) "When life is crapping all over you, are you really going to look back and say 'oh! just remember that slow little tortoise...'"In this case? Yeah, Mr.Ostensen, I am.
Why? He paced himself and knew what he wanted and needed but had the end in sight.
The Hare said he wasn't fast enough, but he was.
The Hare said he wouldn't make it to the end, but he did and he knew he would.
The Hare saw everything on the outside, and said "slow tortoise, slow tortoise...." but you know what? I think that tortoise knew himself better than the Hare did. The tortoise knew...and he just kept moving forward. And just because he wasn't doing things the Hare's way, doesn't mean he was wrong.
Actually, as we all know, he ended up being quite right.