Sunday, March 30, 2008

What am I supposed to expect?!

All right -
This post, for you few who may actually read it, may come off as bitter or resentful or something else negative. It's not. It's just pent up frustration about my angst towards some aspects of society.

What i don't understand is why people think it's required to be mad at someone to have something interesting happen. I don't get why they think it's ok to "have" to fight so that they can be "closer" afterwards. Doesn't that just create doubt and hesitation from then on out?

What i don't understand is why people can get away with SO much because it's an "alternate" way of thinking - some sort of "alternate" lifestyle, when in fact it is twisted, or wrong, or disgusting, or harmful. BUT because we don't want to "push the poor sensitive people away" we baby them and baby them and "help them" and tell them it will be ok to the point where we're almost promoting the inappropriate behavior!! What's the DEAL!?

What i don't understand is why some people expect SO much of you and don't forgive you if you don't reach their level of expectance and don't let you off the hook if you haven't done what they want and yet they give you NOTHING in return. How can you possibly go on completely on your own. That's backwards, isn't it?

What i don't understand is why people act one way one day and then act another way another day. Is it so wrong to be consistent and be fine with yourself and everyone around you on a regular basis? Do we need to judge others to make ourselves feel better or something? Why can't we just feel good about ourselves and get on with it?!

And that's what i don't understand.

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