Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm going to Do when School is Out

In just 130 days I'll be done with college.

I will celebrate Christmas.

I will read books of my choice.

I will learn to do yoga.

I will learn more about biking.

I will run with my dogs.

I will paint the walls of my house.

And I will continue to learn many, many things.

I will not have to miss work to go to reviews.

I will not have to deal with the scheduling conflicts of everything class brings with it.

I will not have to deal with petty, entitled students who "participate" in reviews by spending their time on Facebook and call the TA's "idiots."

I will not have to stress about parking.

I will not have to worry about "my record."

I will not have to correspond with "TA's."

I will not have to brave the swarming crowds of campus.

I will not have to log into BYU's "My Financial Center."

I will be so very happy.


  1. You will eat nachos with sister?

    You will go shopping with sister?

    You will make theens with sister?

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