Sunday, November 21, 2010

Buying a House

Yeah, we're thinking about buying a house.

Is that sort of scary or what?

The reasons are these:
1. We'll be here for 2-3 more years for SURE.
2. We'll need a place to live for those 2-3 years.
3. Interest rates are at a great, all-time low
4. Houe prices are at a great, all-time low
5. We're going to be paying a few hundred a month to live in an apartment, anyway, so why not pay a few hundred to a mortgage and live in a place where we can make changes/paint/do whatever we want.

Yep. Pretty good reasons, if you ask me.

I've looked at maybeeee 10 houses give or take?

These are the two standing out to us:


This one has updated lots of things. New paint, new floors, new carpet, new kitchen (upstairs.) It's got a ton of storage space, and it's on a huge lot. There are driveways on either side of the house (it's a corner lot.) Really cool.  Downside: the floorplan is a little maze-like. The downstairs bathroom and kitchen are a little outdated and the downstairs kitchen doesn't have a range or a refrigerator. Or a garbage disposal. And it doesn't have a washer or dryer.

This one is proving to be our favorite. It's very clean and breezy feeling. It's a little smaller than the first one. But it is cozy and charming. It's got a dishwasher for both upstairs and downstairs kitchens. It's got a garbage disposal for both, too! And it has a washer and dryer. And it's got a fairly big yard.  Downside: no garage, less storage space, a little less space in general, and the heating/cooling system (while totally new and clean) connects between the upstairs and downstairs in such a way that (from our experience) you can hear 100% of downstairs discussions upstairs, and vise versa.

Decisions, decisions.

They're in relatively the same location. Just both very different. 
But very cool for all those very different reasons.

But it's hard to make a decision! Let alone think about the process of signing and closing and moving and getting our contract sold (which I feel will be NO problem, but will still take a bit of effort,) and all that jazz. 

The idea of it is just so appealing. I wish it would just happen in the blink of an eye so I wouldn't have to deal with all that goes into the process :) 

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  1. We've been thinking about that too- It makes more sense to me than sinking money in rent each month, but I haven't looked at what all those fees add up to. Cam's thought is to go for one that has a great structure but a bad exterior paint job, since those are easy to fix and houses with a bad paint job are usually undervalued.

    It's super cute though!