Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Here's the Scoop:

I'm trying to break in to the whole wedding-photographer thing. Why? I like it a lot, so far.

But here's the catch - i still need to build the ol' portfolio. Now, i've done 3 weddings this summer but i'm looking to get a few more under my belt before i feel i can really call myself legitimate. I also need more Bridal and Engagements practice.


If anyone knows of anyone who's getting married, (and let's face it, who DOESN'T know someone who's getting married...) tell them about me. Tell them I'll be TOTALLY able to work within a budget and also that I'd love to do a free session of engagement pictures just for practice.

Please, tell them.

Y'all know my number - 400-5789
Y'all know my email address:

or even more officially :

Cuz that's my website. (it's currently under construction.)

Anywho - thanks for your help, all! Love you tons.

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